Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween in havana

So I'm sitting here on Halloween night, not feeling very Halloween at all. First of all, I'm a little tired because I had an awesome day hanging out with my first American visitors! My sister Maeve baked me the most amazing oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cranberry cookies and my American visitors brought them here from New York. "They taste so American!" said one of my friends when she tried one. I couldn't agree more. And it felt so good to have a little family connection that was physical rather than digital. Emails can only go so far.

Back to Halloween. There's a party tonight that's being thrown by a bunch of the American students. We're supposedly all putting on costumes and getting liquored up and having a grand old Halloween. But to be honest I'm not really feeling it. A lot of kids have class tomorrow morning and so they're not coming to the party. Plus today was the Cuban time change, I think it's a week earlier than in the states for some reason. So I'm a little sleepy.

Guess who I just met?
Yaniv Schullman

I decided to stay in instead, and hung out with Alejandro on the porch for a while. Then Maya and Matt came back to the house after having happy hour with this professor from SLC who was visiting. They brought back this guy who just got into town today from New York, and he's here supporting his friends who are in the ballet festival (ABT and NYCB) which I am going to see as well. He didn't know Matt or Maya, but he heard them in the lobby of the MeliĆ” talking about Sarah Lawrence and he introduced himself.

I happened to buy the September issue of Vogue when I was at the airport in Miami, knowing that in a month or two I would be craving most things American. I lent it to some friends and didn't ask for it back until the other day, when I finally started reading it. Unfortunately my friends didn't really take care of it so it looked like it had survived a hurricane. But still readable. I noticed an article about this documentary playing in the states right now that was made by two brothers and a friend, called Catfish. It's a documentary about one brother's facebook relationship with some eight year old from Michigan. He ends up going to Michigan after she sends him some handmade art, and the brother films the trip. It's a sort of commentary on social-networking in the 2000s.

This guy Yaniv just happened to be the star of that film. And when I asked what he does and he explained that he was in this documentary that his brother and his business partner made, all sorts of little neurons in my brain started firing as I groped to remember why this story sounded very familiar. And finally--aha! I figured it out. And I told him he was pulling my leg. It seemed like something he would do. He's a funny guy.

But no, it was the truth. Some obscure figure from the pages of my September Vogue magically apparated onto my porch here on Halloween. I told you, you never know what to expect here in Havana. I guess my night in turned out to be an interesting night after all.

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