Monday, November 15, 2010

dinner for 60?

Well, Thanksgiving is a week away, and as it is easily my favorite holiday (besides christmas) I decided it was my duty to volunteer to help organize our thanksgiving feast in Cuba. I figured that it would be too hard to just sit around and let the planning of such an important event fall into the hands of someone else. So here I am, a week away from cooking a feast for 60 people.

Has any of us ever cooked for this many people? Nada. Ninguna persona. None of us. It will be an adventure.

I think we have our first steps completed. Our menu is taking shape. We'll have the usual things, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn casserole. If luck will have it, we can conseguir some cranberries. Sweet potatoes, roasted beets and carrots, sauteed spinach and bok choy (and this is at the farmer's market down the street). Then we have some garlic bread, spaghetti (special family recipe), hummus, and peanut soup.

I just made spread sheets of all the ingredients. Now we have to quantify, and that's where I'm drawing blanks. How many potatoes for 60 people? If you have any advice, send me an email PRONTO.

The good thing about living in a house with cooks is that we're not totally on our own. Tato is a wonderful cook and he certainly knows a thing or two about cooking for crowds.

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